In this house there is a baby sleeping, a kitchen waiting to be cleaned, floors waiting to be hoovered, surfaces suffocating under thick layers of dust, a book on the side waiting to be read, food waiting to be taken out of the fridge and transformed into something tasty for lunch, hair waiting to be dried, washing waiting to be put away, a coffee waiting to be drunk, bunting waiting to be re-hung, a blog waiting to be written on, a shopping list waiting to be written. You get the idea. A thousand and one tasks, and I want to tackle them, while the baby sleeps, but I don’t know where to start! So you find me here – a bit of a guilt post because I have left the blog untended for 10 days. What’s happening?! I’m sure it didn’t used to be this hard to get the housework done and to blog. As the name of this site suggests, time is certainly not waiting for me! In the last few weeks I have found myself busier than ever – Tibbons (Baby T) is crawling and standing and into everything and therefore must not leave my sight. I’ve tried with the playpen but at the moment he wants to be right next to me at every waking moment, or, even better, in my arms or on my lap. I don’t begrudge him this physical contact, confirmation that I am here for him and not going anywhere (except for 10 weeks’ time, when it’s back to work, but we’ll sweep that back under the carpet for now, along with all the dust) but it does mean things haven’t been getting done round the house and I have been taking his nap times to steal a little bit of time for myself rather than do the washing up/hoovering/[insert household task].

Is this a common experience at around the 10 month marker with babies or do I need to search for an alternative explanation for my sudden lack of time?!