*I was provided with free access to 2013 for the purposes of this review – all opinions and comments are my own*

My review of 2013


I’d love to say I remember when 2013 dawned, but I don’t. I mean, I know it dawned on the night of 31st December 2012, when the clock struck twelve. But I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at that moment. I think Daddy-O and I had a special meal of sorts (staying in of course, Tibbons was but eight or nine weeks old) and I believe there was champagne. I got Daddy-O to pour me a small amount into an espresso cup. I had a sip, but on account of breastfeeding so regularly and for such lengthy bursts of time, I barely dipped my tongue in that crisp, dry nectar before deciding that the pleasure wasn’t worth the guilt. Thinking about it, I filmed our countdown to midnight (the ten second one, not the whole night!) and we celebrated the New Year dawning on the sofa with Tibbons asleep in my arms – captured on film for posterity. Just as well seeing as my memory has gone to pot…

So – first impressions: 2013 felt very different from 2012, and from any other year I’ve experienced before, come to that. Why? Tibbons, mainly – I’ve never entered a new year as a mum before, so 2013 was special for that. At the outset, it looked like I would see more of 2013 than any other year too, on account of Tibbons mainly sleeping on me and mainly sleeping in the day and partying at night. But then co-sleeping happened, which meant that sleeping happened, and sleep has been on the up and up (hours and quality wise) from there!

Although I was given free access to 2013 for the purposes of this review, I actually found it quite expensive, and don’t think it has always provided value for money, our heating bills for instance, have never been so high, though I suppose our home has never been quite so cosy, or inhabited for so many hours of the day and so many days of the week. I also lost quite a lot in 2013, so would recommend that future years build in better recovery arrangements, for lost gloves, dropped toys, that sort of thing – though some things, such as my baby weight, can stay lost as far as I’m concerned!

Ultimately though, 2013 has been an amazing year – it has played host to so many special memories and provided us with so much love, laughter and fun, not to mention Tibbons’ first birthday, which felt very special indeed. It was also a year in which I started blogging, embarked on various adventures with Tibbons and, towards the latter end, identified a few solo adventures for me to tackle in 2014.

As we turn towards the new year, I am looking forward to more of the same, as well as some events that will be unique for me in 2014: 3 friends’ weddings (including one where I’ll be Maid of Honour), The Moonwalk, BritMums 2014 and who knows what else! I’m not making any resolutions this year – I have done on occasion in the past but I rarely stick to them and I end 2013 feeling pretty pleased with myself and my life so just want to keep doing what I’m doing, for now!

Thank you 2013, you’ve been great!