It just dawned on me that it’s only Tuesday. I could have sworn we were at least a day further into the week (which we might well be by the time you read this). Daddy-O is out tonight so today has been particularly busy with me on solo childcare duty from Tibbons waking up to going to sleep (and this just so happened to be the night that bedtime took an hour and a half and there was a mountain of washing up waiting for me in the kitchen!)

So, I have an hour or so of an evening stretching before me, I have my Sky+ recording of the festive special of the Great British Bake Off playing and I have red wine, all together now: red, red wiiiiiine! But here I am, blogging away. Don’t get me wrong, I love this blog. I love writing and tending it, but a night to myself (even 90 minutes of it) is a rare treat and I’d quite like to be sat with my feet up on the sofa, cradling my small glass of wine and immersing myself in gingerbread houses and Mary Berry’s dulcet tones. But, I say again, here I am, blogging away. Why?

I feel jittery – almost a bit manic. I’ve been really busy, not just today but for weeks now. I have so many projects on the go, there’s always something to do. So you see, I haven’t just sat and let myself be for ages now, and I think I’ve almost forgotten how! I need to shut the laptop lid (pressing publish first of course, then I can tick another task off of my imaginary to do list) and try to relax. But you see, despite all that I’ve done today, I haven’t got round to hoovering (thankfully it’s too late to do that now), I haven’t done any washing (again, too late for the cycle to start now and be done before I head to bed) and I haven’t found my real to do list that is somewhere in my front room and includes the entry “write blog posts” (with a summary of various ideas). This wouldn’t be a problem except that: 1) this blog is anonymous, only Daddy-O and my mum know about it and 2) Daddy-O’s parents will be round first thing to look after Tibbons while we go off to work. So, it could be a bit awkward if they find said list… I think I’ll risk it. I’m going to lounge on the sofa and perfect the art of switching off – from washing, lost lists, housework undone, you name it, I’ll be sat here switching off from it!