This Christmastime, Tibbons took his first sips from his own cup, a very grown up step which may have left him a little drenched, but very happy. Cutest of all, Tibbons would only drink from his cup if we would clink glasses with him and say “Cheers!” first. He’s always been a fan of cheering in this way, only previously we’ve done it with matching food items – breadstick, broccoli, you name it, you can “Cheers!” it!




Family members were very pleased with this party trick, and though Tibbons’ grandfather triumphantly exclaimed that he had taught him how to do it, I (pettily?) beg to differ as we have been doing this since well before I went back to work. Ultimately, of course, Tibbons taught himself to do this and deserves full credit! It was certainly a magic moment as he sat there with a broad grin on his face and raised his cup to my glass before taking a refreshing sip of water. Next step – the wonderful world of (melamine) crockery and cutlery!

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