Beautiful nails

This week my Guilty Pleasure has been my nails. One of my Christmas presents was a set of 12 Nails Inc. polishes, including several bottles with shimmery or feathery effects, which I absolutely love. I have therefore had not one, not two, but three different polishes on my nails at various points this week! (In my defence, they did seem to flake or chip quite easily, which is why I was applying a new one every other day or so)

Another guilty pleasure was peeling the nail varnish off once it started chipping (I can’t be the only one who enjoys doing this?!) Guilty Pleasures all round!

This level of talon care is unheard of for me, fortunately these polishes are rather quick drying and the sparkly effects seem quite forgiving of me doing housework or nappy changes soon after applying them.

Have any guilty pleasures come your way this week? Why not link up and tell us all about them! This linky will stay open until next Thursday so feel free to come back next week if your guilty pleasure has to wait until then!

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