You might have seen that last week I treated you to a bird’s eye view (so to speak) of a day in my working life. This week, I thought I’d show you how I spend the other half of my week, when I’m looking after Tibbons and Daddy-O is at work – there are magic moments aplenty!

Usually on a Monday and a Tuesday, Tibbons and I get to have a lie in – he is a night owl and consequently will happily sleep in until about 9am, sometimes 10am! (And if you’re wondering, I can quite happily do the same). Once we’re up it’s breakfast first – Tibbons is really into porridge at the moment and has recently started feeding himself using cutlery, it’s so lovely to watch him enjoy his food. His new found love of cutlery leads to magic moment number 1 – him trying to get a taste of my (decaff) latte! Oh, and I often make a list first thing in the morning to try and avoid me forgetting what I need or want to do that day…

Having breakfast

After breakfast it’s time to get Tibbons changed and dressed for the day – I love picking his outfit of a morning, he has such lovely clothes and looks good in everything! (By the way, the labels on his drawers are for the benefit of his grandparents – and Daddy-O come to that!) Post-breakfast it’s also time to put the first wash load of the day on – our machine has never been so busy!


I, on the other hand, have to wait until Tibbons’ nap time to get myself showered and dressed – unless I rise before him (unlikely on these days, I like to luxuriate in a lie in when possible!) Probably just as well given there’s cleaning up from breakfast to be done – porridge is very adhesive! We also play after breakfast until Tibbons is ready for his first nap.




Then I shower and beautify myself and it’s time for a bit of housework and/or reading a book or tending to the blog. I’m afraid I get too engrossed in those things to stop and take a photo (ditto playing with Tibbons usually, but all of these shots were taken with this post in mind!)

After Tibbons has woken up we get ready to go out – this day saw us head out for lunch, then to the library to meet a friend and her daughter. On the way back home we stopped at the shops (a daily occurrence – we don’t tend to plan meals very far in advance in this household) and then went to the park, which unusually we had all to ourselves, meaning I could go on the slides with Tibbons (and the swings, and the roundabout) – we had such a great time!

lunch out with baby

Tibbons then had a nap in the buggy and once we were back home we had some more fun playing and making merry. (Again – not many photos of that because I was in demand!) Later on in the afternoon Tibbons has a snack and likes to watch In the Night Garden. We only really started with CBeebies a month or so ago, so this is still rather novel for us but Tibbons is rapt for the whole programme, which means I can do a spot of washing up and clean the kitchen.



Which is just as well as an hour or so later it’s time for me to start preparing dinner so that we can eat together when Daddy-O gets in. This can be tricky as Tibbons loves the kitchen but only if he’s in your arms or on the worktop and that’s not very easy to manage when there are things to be chopped and hot pans!



I also have to find time to prepare things for when I’m at work the next day – so that means 1. packing my bag, 2. writing up lunch and snack options on the board so the grandparents know what we’ve got in for Tibbons and 3. packing and re-stocking his changing bag so it’s good to go, including with water, snacks and muslins. I also make sure the pushchair is assembled and ready to go as that makes things easier for the grandparents (who, between them, look after Tibbons for two of the three days I’m at work).


I must have packed it!

Once Daddy-O is back we eat, bathe Tibbons if it’s a bath night, have twenty minutes or so wind-down time together and then I put Tibbons to bed while Daddy-O clears up from dinner (if I’m going to work the next day) and tidies away Tibbons’ toys. Then we have a bit of time together on the sofa before we head to bed too!

These days are long and can be quite busy, but they’re so lovely. I feel really privileged to have this one-on-one time with my son and to see him develop and grow. He’s the best playmate I’ve ever had!