As an anonymous blogger (me, that is, not you), you might have noticed that my photos tend to be quite anonymous too. If it’s something fairly generic, like a book, a cup of coffee, anything which doesn’t identify where I am (she says, with a photo of the beach as her blog wallpaper), who I am or what I do then I go ahead and share, but anything which might give a little too much away remains in the gallery on my phone.

Knowing that I really enjoy looking at the photographs others have taken as they go about their day, I thought perhaps it was time I upped my game in this regard – so look out for more thoughtfully taken photos on the blog which reveal a little bit more but, hopefully, not too much. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a bumper-load of photos to show a (fairly) typical day in my life as a working mum and a few of the magic moments that occur along the way.

Day in the lifeThis being a Friday, after an unusually early start, I have to drop Tibbons off at nursery, and from there, it’s onward to the station to await my train. That’s my view as I stand and contemplate life, the universe and everything (or, more realistically, calculate exactly where I should be stood in order to line up with the doors and stand the best chance of getting on to the train first and getting a seat). You see, a good seat (at a table, preferably) is important for my new pastime – bloguting (blogging while commuting, dontcha know).

An hour and a couple of blog posts later, it’s time for breakfast (usually a bit healthier than this), grabbed on the way into the office. On this particular day I was the first in, which was bliss and a definite magic moment. A still, calm atmosphere and the first time I’d been on my own for longer than it takes to shower in about two weeks; rarely has work been such a treat.

After that, I was working hard, so not many photos of that because, well, because I was working hard, obviously.

Busy, busy!I did manage to find time for a coffee though and to touch-up my make up – not something I ever get time for at home these days!

Next up was a working lunch – I waxed lyrical about the pleasure of a lunch hour before I went back to work but in truth, I don’t tend to take my lunch break away from my desk since going back – in part because it’s not always easy to do in my office and I feel I can’t take liberties as a part timer (I know, I know, a lunch break is good for productivity and health and most definitely not a liberty, though it does feel like a luxury) so I tend to stay at my desk but do something that’s not work, be that read, do some tweeting, blogging, or household chores I can do remotely. Maybe one of these days I’ll do an online grocery shop during my lunch break, that would certainly save me some time in the week! Today, I did a bit of revision for an exam I have coming up. And, in case you’re wondering, the sandwich was crayfish and rocket.


It's a blur!After lunch it was time for a bit of forward planning, synchronising home and work diaries. I never used to carry a diary around with me, but with so many things to juggle and a memory that is increasingly haphazard and reminiscent of a sieve, this is pretty much essential nowadays and I like to spend a few minutes on a Friday thinking about the week ahead to make sure I don’t miss anything important – be that birthdays, childcare, meetings or something particularly fun and lovely!

Following a late whirlwind of activity, home time rolled around and I wrapped up warm before setting off for the station. It’s at this time of day that my mind turns towards home (as it does at a few other points as well!) and to Tibbons. I look forward to a chance to unwind on the train and to seeing Tibbons and Daddy-O when I get in. I’m always quite tired on a Friday but seeing my lovely boy at the end of the day and knowing we have four lovely days together before it’s back to work once more is quite the tonic!

On this particular day, I had plenty of time to get to the station so I called my mum en route to catch up – it had been a while and I like Tibbons to get quality mummy time and attention when I’m with him so don’t tend to have long phone calls then.

A bit more blog-uting on the train home, until my eyes were feeling heavy and I decided to rest them instead (genuinely just resting them though, I’m not a great train napper!)

Open your eyes!

Then it was a quick walk home in the dark and my key was in the door – this is always a magic moment in my working day and this particular Friday was no exception. As I paused to take the photograph, I could hear Tibbons  in the lounge having fun with Daddy-O – there’s no better sound! Sometimes it feels like it’s worth going out for no other reason than the feeling I get when I come back again.

After that I played with Tibbons while Daddy-O fixed dinner. Then it was bedtime for T, which remains my job as I’m still breastfeeding; and once Tibbons was settled it was time to put my feet up on Daddy-O and the sofa and vegetate in front of the TV – another magic moment and a highlight to my day and my working week!