Nursery fashion is a distinctive thing – you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever encountered it. As with most fashion trends, there are some underlying rules governing the looks that this particular strand of style produces:

– Firstly, stain avoidance is key – that means dark colours rule. Failing that:

– It’s all about vintage/heritage, by which I mean old – if stains can’t be avoided best to stick to clothes nearing the end of their natural lifespan.

You might think that these rules are rather limiting in the looks you can create with nursery fashion. Thankfully, you’d be wrong – it’s actually rather freeing. You no longer need to be bound by the constraints of “cute” or “matching” or even that thing we like to call “taste”. Clashing colours are in, odd socks are a possibility and faded garms are bang on trend.


Here are a few highlights of the Spring/Summer season in Tibbons Towers this year:

Lime green top with purple shorts (dyed in the wash by mistake – aka customised and unique, or perhaps more purple rinse, you decide)

Blue check trousers with one red and one orange stripy sock and a pink airtex top (again, dyed/customised)

The All Grey Ensemble, AGE as I like to call it (looking like pyjamas – incidentally, this outfit did not escape unscathed, I should have heeded my own advice about dark colours!)

Do you have any inspiration for me and Tibbons?