In one sense at least, being a parent is no different to most things in life – we don’t get it right all of the time. Sometimes we make mistakes, say or do the wrong thing or inadvertently add to our children’s distress rather than taking it away.

Mistakes - we all make them

Mistakes – we all make them!

So besides feeling guilty when that happens, what do you do? I can’t really remember how it went in my family  but I seem to remember things not always being acknowledged, carrying on as though everything was normal until that really was the case. But I’d rather buck that trend, if it was a trend, so I acknowledge my mistakes and apologise to Tibbons.

That bit’s easy, what’s harder is not showing him how much I beat myself up about it, because that means trying not to be too hard on myself, which is something of a specialty of mine (the being hard on myself, not the trying not to be).

I want to show Tibbons that it’s okay to make mistakes, that it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or unloveable, or that you’ve ruined everything, even if that’s how I sometimes feel when I get things wrong (not just with Tibbons).

So that means role-modelling the way I want Tibbons to handle his mistakes: being much kinder to myself, which is good but dishearteningly difficult!

How do you deal with mistakes in your household? Are your children old enough to recognise a mistake when they make it, or when you do? How do they handle it?